Achievements | Events

Upcoming Events

    • Coding evenings

Every Monday, from 4 to 10 pm, GIRPS team members meet in the robotics lab (Inffeldgasse 10/II) to work on the robots, improve our tactics, and evolve our system.

    • RoboCup World Cup 2019 – Sydney, Australia

From July 4 to July 7, GRIPS participates in the RoboCup 2019 in Sydney and tries to defend the world championship title won in last year’s world cup.

Past Events


    • 2nd Place in the ”Logistic League” at RoboCup German Open 2019 - Magdeburg, Germany

In May 2019, we once again participated in the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg. From May 3rd to May 5th, we competed with four other teams. Improving last year’s results and achieving more points than last year, we made it to the finals in which we played against the French PYRO team and the Carologistics team from Aachen. Leo Fürbaß, Lukas Knoflach, Peter Kohout, Jakob Ludwiger, Stefan Moser, and Thomas Ulz did their best and finished in second place.


    • 1st Place in the ”Logistic League” at RoboCup World Cup 2018 – Montreal, Canada

From June 18th to June 21st, the 2018 RoboCup World Cup took place in Montreal, Canada. After laborious preparations for the competition the team demonstrated the results of the intensive year spent on improving the GRIPS robots. Gerald Steinbauer, Thomas Ulz, Jakob Ludwiger, Sarah Haas and Vanessa Egger did their best, made it to the finals and were able to win the finals and won the world championship title.


    • 2nd Place in the ”Logistic League” at RoboCup German Open 2018 - Magdeburg, Germany 

After the successful participation at the RoboCup World Cup in 2017, GRIPS now finished in 2nd place at the RoboCup German Open 2018 in Magdeburg, Germany. The team managed to overcome some challenges it faced on the first day of the competitions and won six of seven playoff games, thus making it through to the finals. GRIPS then competed for first place with Carologistics and lost just 2 points short of Carologistics in overtime after a 24-all draw in the regular time. We are proud to have finished 2nd in very close finals. We will now be working hard to improve and do even better at the RoboCup World-Cup 2018 in June. Congratulations to our team members on this great achievement!


    • 2nd Place in the ”Logistic League” at RoboCup World-Cup 2017 - Nagoya, Japan 

The success at the RoboCup World-Cup 2016 in Leipzig (see below) fuelled the team’s motivation and commitment. Another year of further extensive research, experimenting with fresh approaches and new ideas and a multitude of match simulations, GRIPS packed its suitcases and flew to Nagoya, Japan, to participate in the RoboCup World-Cup 2017. In real-time races to fabricate various products autonomously, the GRIPS robots exceeded expectations and outplayed many of the participating teams from around the world. GRIPS did not hold the 3rd place, but impressively finished in 2nd place and became vice world championin the Logistics League. The RoboCup World-Cup 2017 was a very rewarding experience for GRIPS.


    • 3rd Place in the “Logistic League” and “Rookie of the Year” at RoboCup World-Cup 2016 - Leipzig, Germany – [1], [2], [3]

GRIPS, which had only been founded in autumn 2015, entered its first competition in 2016, the RoboCup World-Cup in Leipzig, Germany. The preparation phase for the competition was very laborious and challenging for the team. In just six months of intensive research and experimenting, the team managed to prepare the three robots for competition. After exciting matches against other strong teams from around the world, GRIPS took an incredible 3rd place in Logistics League in its first year of competing. Being such a successful newcomer, GRIPS also won Rookie of the Year.