Logistics Leaguge

The RoboCup Logistics League is an industrial motivated league of the RoboCup and deals with automatization and artificial intelligence in the area of Industry 4.0. It mainly aims at enhancing the efficiency of production processes and optimizing the flow of material by means of intelligent networking between processes and machines. Also, the Logistics League strives to enlarge the range of individual products than can be produced in such settings. As a matter of course, autonomous, intelligent and flexible robots are needed to face this challenge of scheduling, motion control, artificial intelligence, computer vision and many other research fields.

The competition in the Logistics League (www.robocup-logistics.org) is a real-time race between two teams, each consisting of three robots which need to autonomously fabricate ordered products using industrial equipment in a simulated production facility. Crucial factors in this competition are the autonomous navigation in the production facility, locating the machines, and altering products using said machines. The planning and coordination of an efficient manufacturing process are also of central importance when trying to meet the challenges posed by automated industrial production.