Graphical Interface for Robot Diagnosis System

The research group as well as the Robocup teams developed and use an automated diagnosis system for robots based on ROS ( The system used model-based diagnosis and observes the system activities and by reasoning about a model of the system faults are detected and identified. Currently the system is purely text-based and runs on the console. In this project a graphical interface should be developed that displays the health status of the robot for easier debugging.

Automation of a Fork Lift

In cooperation with a startup in a master’s thesis an autonomous fork lift was developed. The fork lift is able to navigate autonomous in indoor environments. In this project the power train of the forklift as well as the fork should be transferred to intelligent controller of the company sigmatek ( Moreover,  a autonomous transport of pallets should be realized. During the project there is the possibility to visit a training for the intelligent controller of sigmatek.