Technische Universität GrazThe Graz University of Technology supports its students in gaining practical experience in many different ways. Students, for example, can put their theoretic knowledge into practice in numerous student teams focusing on networking, gaining professional experience but also on leisure activities. GRIPS is one of many Student Competition and Focus Teams the university supports.


KNAPP is a leading company in automation for warehouses and provides solutions for production and distribution according to the customer’s needs. Its services include the design, development and implementation of automated warehouse systems.


Founded by graduates of Graz University of Technology, incubedIT now provides software solutions for automated vehicles and robots. incubedIT’s Smart Shuttle System, for example, enables transport robots to navigate autonomously and cooperate with each other.


MyRobotcenter is an Austrian company trading in domestic and service robots. The company promotes research and development in robotics by supporting student teams such as GRIPS.


PIA is a leading provider of automation solutions. Its main sectors of industry are mobility, industrial and consumer goods, healthcare, and green energy. PIA’s focus is amongst others on Industry 4.0 and production optimization.


AccuPower is a leading market supplier of rechargeable energy devices and charging electronics. The Austrian company develops chargers, accumulators, batteries, and lamps for the consumer and industry sector and distributes them in the USA, Canada, different European countries as well as in Asia.