RoboCup is designed to manage real world problems, in a smaller, limited environment which offers manageable problems in size and research costs. This covers a broad area in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. In this field of research are included: real-time sensor fusion, reactive behavior, strategy acquisition, learning, real-time planning, multiagent systems, context recognition, vision, strategic decision-making, motor control, intelligent robot control, and many more.
There were different leagues introduced to cope with different problems:

RoboCupRescue League

Robocup Rescue

Disaster rescue is nowadays one of the most relevant topics. RoboCupRescue is about research and development of robotics in disastrous areas. This involves team work coordination, and robots for search and rescue. The robot has to find, autonomously or operated, victims in a destroyed area. This means it has to map the whole scene and mark victims and areas which are dangerous for following human rescue teams (like hazardous gas concentrations, instable rooms).

RoboCup Logistics League

The RoboCup Logisitcs League (RCLL) is a league of the annual international robotics competition RoboCup. It focuses on in-factory logistics applications. Following the RoboCup spirit this league’s objective is to enable scientific work in order to achieve a flexible solution of material and informational flow within industrial production using coordinated teams of autonomous mobile robots.


 RoboCupJunior is an educational project, that promotes local, regional and international robotic events for young students. It is designed to introduce technology through RoboCup to children.