Second place in Best in Class Autonomy and 4th overall!

Team Tedusar won the second place in Best in Class Autonomy and achieved the fourth place overall standings!
Congratulation to AutonOHM for the first place and Team Hector Darmstadt for the first place in Best in Class Autonomy!
Great competition with a lot new stuff going on and interessting ideas, it was a pleasure.

German Open Run 4

Two victims! Great run with a lot of additional features. Take a short look on our created map ;)
The other teams had a lot of problems with the new soft obstacle and could not always drive through it.

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German Open Run 3

Third run and another victim! Soft obstacle was successfully detected as well as one barrel.
The heat is making a lot of trouble, this results sometimes in funny poses where Wowbagger takes a closer look at his own chassis… xD

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German Open Run 2 – Success!

Two runs and three victims later everyone of our team is proud of Wowbaggers performance!
No false victims at all and enough time to travel through the hole yellow arena. This is how it should be =)

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German Open Run 1

First run is over and Wowbagger was unhappily confused.
A lot of problems with too many visitors in sight.
The grip of the robot could not be worse, its like a skiing person on ice!
We managed to find some QR codes but the team has several things to do now…

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