RoboCup world cup 2014 – Day 4 Success!

Good news everyone =) Our first run was a great success, Wowbagger found two victims. While verifying the third one he steered off the track and we had to end the mission. We reached our main goal to qualify to the autonomous challenge! So we are now focusing getting Wowbagger ready for the second run.

RoboCup world cup 2014 – Day 3

Day three at the world cup and team Tedusar was the first group who showed up! :) It was the first rainy day and we expect more to come. As one can see we do some bad hacks to improve everything we can. By the way the rescue arena is still not ready no victim at all (not even holes are cut out yet!)

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RoboCup world cup 2014 – Day 2 ongoing

Wowbagger is ready for duty! Everything is working (a lot better than expected =) ). All in all we just have other issues to solve, it is hard to get water and we need to bear this heat! We also fix some minor issues and waiting for the rescue arena to be ready for testing. Wowbagger is looking forward to have some fun inside =)

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