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RoboCup 2021

This year the RoboCup 2021 took place as an worldwide online event. Every team within the Logistics League used their lab as a setup field for the RoboCup. Also the playing field and the rules of the game were adjusted in order that every team can participate. All games from every team were streamed and recorded for interested viewers. The evaluation was also done inside the league as every team evaluated the games of one other team.

We finished at the sensational second place and are again vice-champions in the logistics league. We are very happy with our performance as we had major structure rebuilds of the software. Also we want to thank our former members Thomas and Jakob for their effort and big contribution to GRIPS.



GRIPS is vice world champion

We finished second in this year’s RoboCup and are now vice-champions in the logistics league. In exiting and close finals, Carologistics won the final game and we congratulate the winners. We are very proud to be the first team producing the most complex product and to currently hold the record of the most points achieved in one single game with 293 points. We would like to thank our sponsors and supporters who enabled the team to participate in RoboCup 2019 and we are looking forward to next year’s competition and the next chance to become world champions. By then, much remains to be done.


GRIPS is in the RoboCup 2019 finals

With all playoff games played, the contestants for the finals of this year’s RoboCup logistics league are determined: GRIPS will be playing against Carologistics. The finals will take place tomorrow at noon. Both teams have performed well so far in the competition and these finals promise to be very exciting. Before the finals, however, team Solidus and team PYRO will play for the third place in this year’s competition at 11 am. We’re looking forward to both games.

All round-robin games have now been played and we are proud to announce that GRIPS finished in first place, achieving a total of 787 points. This score already beats our overall score of this year’s RoboCup German Open and there are still a few games to be played. We are very excited about our achievements so far and hope to keep up the good work in the playoffs starting tomorrow. We will compete against team ER-Force and team Solidus to enter the finals which will take place on Sunday. We are still working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly. Fingers crossed!

First round robin games

Today we played three out of five round robin games at the RoboCup 2019. We competed against team BabyTigers from Japan, team PYRO from France, as well as team ER-Force from Germany. The total sum of points achieved in all round robin games is used for grouping the teams into play-off groups. So far, we are quite happy with our results and hope that we can still add many points in tomorrow’s two games against Carologistics and Solidus. We will still use this evening to implement some improvements. Come back tomorrow for updates on the round robin results.

Day 2 of the RoboCup 2019

Today was the second setup day at the RoboCup 2019. We’ve finished our system’s setup and tested our robots in several test games. We identified some bugs in our software and located some issues at the robots themselves. In the afternoon, we worked on solving those problems. We keep our fingers crossed that everything will run just as smoothly in tomorrow’s games as in our final test game.

GRIPS at the RoboCup 2019

After the exciting competition at the RoboCup German Open in May, GRIPS is now at the RoboCup International 2019. The team currently sets up and prepares for the competitions starting on Thursday, July 4th. Check out the RoboCup 2019 website for more information on the RoboCup Industrial Logistics League and other leagues of the RoboCup. During competition days, the schedule and results will also be available on this website. For regular updates on our team’s performance, check this site regularly or follow us on Facebook.

PIA opening event, roboter upgrade and German Open

After a rather quiet winter term, which the team used to work on the GRIPS-robots and improve our well-proven techniques, 2019 started off with several interesting events. In January, PIA Automation invited GRIPS to present its work at the PIA opening event. The team’s mentor, Gerald Steinbauer, Thomas Ulz (Team leader) and Jakob Ludwiger were happy to accept our partner’s invitation and presented the team to a broad and interested audience.

In February, our robots received an upgrade to better fulfil the conditions in the RoboCup competitions and March started off with preparations and arrangements for our first competition in 2019, the RoboCup German Open. The competition will only take place in May, but GRIPS is already working hard and looking forward to implementing the changes to our robots in a competition.

GRIPS is world champion in RoboCup Logistics League

World Champion GRIPS (left) with vice world champion PYRO (right)

After exciting playoffs, GRIPS faced team PYRO from France in the finals. With both teams manufacturing products of medium complexity, the finals were very exciting. With team PYRO scoring 90 points and GRIPS scoring 104 points, the result was very close. GRIPS will now work hard to improve even further and will do its best to defend the world championship next year. GRIPS would like to say a special thanks to all its partners, namely the Graz University of Technology, KNAPP, incubedIT, AccuPower and PIA Automation, for their support.

Congratulations to team PYRO and all other participating teams. We are looking forward to meeting all teams again at the RoboCup 2019.

GRIPS made it to the finals of RoboCup2018

The playoff games of the RoboCup 2018 are now done and GRIPS is proud to announce that we made it to the finals. GRIPS won its first game in the playoffs against team Solidus from Switzerland, although we still faced some issues in this game. After solving most of our problems, we were able to win against the current four times world champion Carologistics from Germany. In this game, we were able to produce our first ever C1, a product of medium complexity. We will face team PYRO, who delivered an impressive performance in the playoffs, in the finals. We are very proud of our achievement and are looking forward to exciting finals.