Successful first day at RoboCup German Open

During the first day of the RoboCup German Open competitions, GRIPS faced some challenges. As this is the first time GRIPS participates in this competition, it is mainly the unknown environment that poses problems. Our robots, for example, struggle with the uneven floor of the venue when moving across the field. Also, the lighting conditions differ considerably from those we are used to. As a result, the cameras had to be adjusted to the new circumstances.

Our team members worked hard to overcome these and other challenges — with a remarkable result. GRIPS scored at least 20 points in every one of the four games it played on day 1 of the competition and won three by a large margin. What a tremendous success. The schedule for day 2 and 3 as well as the results are available from RoboCup German Open Schedule. Congratulations to our team members and keep up the good work!