German Open (Third Day) – Competition Day 1

German Open 2014 – First competition day!


Team Tedusar are the first who show up in the morning and prepare for the run.

Welcome arena, wake up we are coming!


Unfortunately the reparation of the tracks was not good enough and a short-term solution was chosen but i turned out it did not work very well.

Refix the tracks... again


Only 20 minutes before our first run begins. Every second counts, no parameter stays untouched.

20 minutes before our first run begins


Here we are on the prepare desk, from here only the capabilities of the robot and the operator counts. On the right stands adam from NIST, friendly and funny as allways!

On the prepare desk, 5 min left to go!


Here is it, our final map for the first prelim run. We nearly made it out of the yellow arena but sadly no victims were found.

First run, first map, nearly out of the yellow arena