German Open (Fourth Day) – Competition Day 2

Robot got a little nervous at the foto shooting and shaked his laser scanner but here you can see all teams with their robots. During the run Wowbagger is still very shy on finding victims… now we train him to be more brave!


New day at the German Open, we prepare for the third (13:30) and the fourth (16:50) run. Yesterday we worked until the light was switched off and changed a lot of our victim search. Also some new fotos of other robots and our new track “fix” (hope it works )

Edit: It did not work xD

Wowbagger is learning what a victim is ;)


Fine tune parameters, as always but now everyone is getting nervous!

Wowbagger is waiting for action!


Next run on the go! Lets go for it!! NIST is doing a great job and build up an awesome camera system for visitors.

Again at the prepare desk


The day before the finals and in the next picture all teams with their robots can be seen.

All teams with thier robots!

Lots of cool and funny people hope we will see us again for the next competition!